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) That means I'll not only refund your entire tuition... I’m putting ALL the risk squarely on MY shoulders by letting you come to the workshop and check it out for two full days…

What you get is the opportunity to review the whole a one-of-a-kind workshop totally on my dime.

Most likely, if you stepped in the ring with a black belt trained by Chuck Norris personally—you’d get beat down—and FAST too! Plus, as you work your way through real-life approaches, our instructors will quickly help push you past any of your sticking points… UNLIKE martial arts, you won’t get knocked out if you make a mistake with a woman…

Like martial arts you need to actually go out “in field”… in fact, it’s surprising just how little you have to do right in order to make women want you. This isn’t just a seminar where you sit down and take notes while listening to us lecture. The “listen while I lecture” part of this workshop lasts a total of about 1 and a half hours over the course of the entire weekend.

)At ,582 that means these skills which would last you the rest of your life only cost you 8.20 per year… Heck, It's not even ONE-THIRD the cost of a gallon of gas!

But the price is irrelevant anyways, because you have a…Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee -- Plus 0 dollars if you feel I've wasted your time!

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