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I will say this, musical width or landscape is very wide and he’s just had full range to really go places he maybe hasn’t gone before and wanted to go. But, at the same time with No Doubt we never had limits musically there either.We’ve never sat down and said, “We have to be this kind of band or can we be more this style or that style? I would say that musical landscape was much wider when you start from the beginning of the band to where we are now.Head over to Date Edge and meet that special someone now! Whatever people think of me is fine, however they want to envision me. I’m always intrigued by who people think I am and the persona they have created for me, what they think I’m into, what they think I’m not into.Unlike jugga LOVE, this site is totally real; vegan drug-free teetotalers now have a online meeting spot for a variety of attractive caricatures of Stuff You Will Hate‘s readership!Well THANK CHRIST all of these people included an “x” in their user name, just in case I was STILL confused about the purpose of Date Edge.No Doubt drummer Adrian Young and bassist Tony Kanal were in the house Saturday (May 14) at KROQ’s twenty-fourth annual Weenie Roast.Though they are both Weenie Roast veterans, they were on hand this time as guests to enjoy the show.

is inspired by "pop stars, fashion models, celebrities, internet porn, social networking, reality TV, sex, drugs and vegan banana bread", and stars a cast of teenagers with dubious nicknames.The first thing that hits you about this novel is the sheer amount of branding.Within the first few pages I was left wondering if the product placement was intentional: Mc Queen, i Phone, San Pellegrino, Hello Kitty and others are names that occur almost as much as those of the protagonists.” It’s been purely organic and I don’t want to sound cheesy, but that’s just what it is. It covers a lot of territory, so that’s not new for us.Is there a timeline for when people will hear music and do you plan to tour? I have no idea when this record will be done or when it will come out. On a personal note I never thought I’d get to start a new band, no way ever again, this late in life and it’s a lot of work. It’s like you’re married to three other people, here you go.

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