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Friend rightfully calls out head cheese Clive Davis on his conservatism, lack of vision, and greedy idiocy, but Friend proved himself no real judge of talent.

We get a bit of Friends life outside the magazine, but it all pales in comparison to the days when he sat with legends and one hit wonders alike, all in the pursuit of the next big thing.

Happy birthday @Planet Rock Radio especially my favourite radio wife @lizziebarn .

There were so many great times and a few dreadful ones along the way too.

There are things that tie the ‘Yuk Foos’ and ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ together if you know what I mean. I too struggle to define it.” See their album’s artwork beneath: The band will set out on the road in support of ‘Visions Of A Life’ in November. November 08 – O2 Academy Bristol 09 – 02 Apollo, Manchester 11 – Barrowlands, Glasgow 12 – Barrowlands, Glasgow 13 – 02 Academy, Newcastle 15 – Rock City, Nottingham 16 – 02 Academy, Birmingham 17 – UEA, Norwich 18 – 02 Academy, Leeds 20 – Dome, Brighton 21 – 02 Guildhall, Southampton 24 – Alexandra Palace, London 27 – Ulster Hall, Belfast 28 – Olympia, Dublin The ‘Visions Of A Life’ tracklisting, meanwhile, is as follows: 1.

I just think if you hold back it will sound worse won’t it? On what to expect from the album, they said: “I think hopefully when people hear the whole thing it won’t be so all over the place. We salute Matt Cale Between frantic, quick-before-mom-gets-home rubs on the bathroom rug, visits to the nearest adult bookstore for love doll bargain shopping (note to all curious shoppers: do not spend less than for for several years, one as a subscriber.I looked forward to every issue, largely because they balanced their Skid Row, Guns N Roses, and Great White coverage with a little Sanctuary or King Diamond now and then.He shares lengthy conversations with Alice Cooper, a professed Christian who manages to make faith sound even more ridiculous than usual.But Friends too kind to tell him to get fucked, and he even explores a bit on his own, though more to assuage mid-life doubts than anything approaching real devotion.

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