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." Woman: I want a guy who loves me for me, and not for the way I look... Dilbert: That doesn't leave me much to work with. I didn't have time to change." Dilbert says, "The singles scene is all about how you look." Hackers Convention. And Facebook, which Hinge heavily relies on for friends-of-friends matchmaking, could pull the data plug any time."There is no shortage of companies that have tried to build what we've built," Mc Leod says.

He went to San Francisco and linked up with a friend who worked for Google, crashing on her floor while they built the first version of Hinge.Mc Leod had gone to "nerd" summer camps at Duke University, where he had taken computer science courses.Although Mc Leod was captain of his high school tennis team and president of his student council, he preferred partying over studying and didn't have many college options."But we're using the organic, city-by-city method, which I think is the biggest thing ...Boss: Do you want to hear how amazing my weekend was? Would you like to hear about the extended tragedy that is my social life?

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