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His brother stood over the dead man, a pistol in his hand, keeping an eye on the door in case someone walked in wanting to settle things.“You should go,” he said to me, shattering the silence with a wave of his hand. Go.” He wore a gold bracelet as thick as a gymnasium rope.Her body was transferred to the Wayne County morgue. The day I visited, a Hollywood starlet (PDF) was tailing the doctor, studying for her role as the medical examiner in ABC’s new Detroit-based murder drama .The title is derived from the California penal code for murder: 187.Plus, grenades are rarely used when rounding up suspects, even murder suspects. Jones, too, later became a person of interest in Je’Rean’s murder—he allegedly went along for the ride—but Jones denies it, and he’s lawyered up and moved to the suburbs.As Officer Weekley wept on the sidewalk, Aiyana was rushed to the trauma table, where she was pronounced dead. There are at least 50 corpses on hold in his morgue cooler, some unidentified, others whose next of kin are too poor to bury them. Schmidt keeps them on layaway, zipped up in body bags as family members wait for a ship to come in that never seems to arrive.

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The flower shop is just a pile of bricks now, but despite what the Arab told me, I did not forget what I saw.It was a sweatbox, and I went across the street to the liquor store for a soda pop.A small crowd of agitated black people was gathered on the sidewalk.IT WAS JUST AFTER MIDNIGHT on the morning of May 16 and the neighbors say the streetlights were out on Lillibridge Street.It is like that all over Detroit, where whole blocks regularly go dark with no warning or any apparent pattern.

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