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Actually, there Is no way to change an Aquarius man. Sometimes, you feel you are neglected and want to run away, but another time, he suddenly contacts you, especially when he gets stuck In life, then you know your own value. He Is actually shy, scared of being lonely and need security Inside, that's why he rarely shows emotions, and has a lot of friends around. In the summer I took him back home to meet my parents and see my country. Just follow me blindly, trust me and everything will be fine. I changed my mind too many times and In the end I called off our wedding just 24 hours before.

Be his best friend, make yourself as extraordinary and special as possible, you win his heart forever ! But then he asked me If I will be happy to bring up our children under the Islamic religion. Now I feel really guilty for shame which I have put on his shoulders and his family.

I miss him so much and I am worried that I will never find such a loving man any more. Its about compromise and the only way to a successful relationship and especially marriage Is being able to compromise!

I know that he will go back to Pakistan and he will marry who ever his family will choose for him. I'm with an Aquarius man and I can say for certain they can be very selfish, their way or no way, however you should always stand firm In your beliefs so you are not bullied because If given the chance they will do so!

I believe he Is the one for me, He walked Into my life unexpectedly and I believe he was heaven sent. How do I protect myself from heart break In the future? I know his girlfriend Is not at his Intellectual level, I don't know how old she Is. It was again against his beliefs, but I understand this one. When I listened to my heart It said Yes, but my brain said "run girl run" I turned for help to my family and friends and they all said NO, It won't work.

I always thought that love Is supposed to be give and take. Thank you In my opinion, love Is about give and take!I don't know If It will work out because he really doesn't express his feelings much.I feel like he's only talking to me because he's not with the other girl, but he tells me that he does like me.I am very upset but hiding It as I wouldn't want his ego to sky rocket, I feel he tricked me Into bed.I've heard Aquarius's and Virgo's can be very hard work and I'm wondering If that's It, or If I probably wont see him again. (When we were seeing each other, he told me he was In love with me) I'm a Virgo woman and have been seeing an Aquarian man for 4 years.

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