Ds dating sim english

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If you’re a guy looking for a game like this, then checking JList’s (Note: link is not safe for work) game section would probably be your best bet.

JList offers a wide selection of translated adult games and direct download purchases.

Also, both Persona 3 and Persona 4 give players the opportunity to begin relationships with female social link characters.

Even the Star Ocean games, in particular Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, players’ actions in battle and decisions in Private Action scenes can result in an ending with another party member. I’ve never played them and they’re of absolutely no interest to me.

There are basically two kinds of dating sims, visual novels and adventure games with some sort of other, relationship building element.

Some of the Love Hina video games also were more interactive.

Even the [email protected] series could fall into this category, since you’re trying to make the idols you’re working with your friends so they’ll be better performers.

But, they do represent both a large and popular division of dating video games for guys.

Most often, these 18 hentai games are released in PC format.

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