Emerge config files in etc need updating

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After that I created a VM called gentoo in Virtualbox and Virtualbox autodetected the OS to be gentoo and took care of the rest.I gave the VM 1GB of ram and 20GB of disk space (Virtual Box set the Disk controller to be SATA and that worked out okay).

But before we do that let’s enable system logging and other necessary components.Offending ED25519 key in /Users/elatok/.ssh/known_hosts:77 ED25519 host key for [localhost]:2244 has changed and you have requested strict checking. And that’s because when we ssh‘ed last time we connected to the livecd and now we are ssh‘ing into the actually gentoo install.To fix the warning, just remove the old host line from the .ssh/known_hosts and re-ssh into the machine: [email protected]:~$ssh -p 2244 -l root localhost The authenticity of host '[localhost]:2244 ([]:2244)' can't be established.yes Warning: Permanently added '[localhost]:2244' (ED25519) to the list of known hosts.Password: Welcome to the Gentoo Linux Minimal Installation CD!

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