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In time, these sorts of emotions can grow like weeds, slowly conditioning the mind to function on detrimental feelings and dominating daily life.

Ever met a person who's consistently angry or hostile? But they allowed certain emotions to stir within them for so long that they became inbred feelings arising all too frequently.

Perform whatever activity is best-suited to you in order to liberate your being from pent-up sentiments. Every happening of our lives, whether good or bad, serves a higher purpose.

Wisdom means being able to see past the moment and discern the greater meaning of any given situation.

Continue to breathe deeply for five minutes, feeling as your muscles untense and your heart rate returns to normal. No matter your creed, developing a healthy relationship with the divine world will help you surmount your obstacles more easily.

Emotions are the most present, pressing and sometimes painful force in our lives. We take chances because we're excited for new prospects.

We cry because we've been hurt and we make sacrifices because we love.

When the moment has passed (in hindsight), you'll be grateful you were able to be the master of your emotions.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that I get asked this question all the time from well-meaning young adults, looking to set up some boundaries in their relationships.

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