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There were were about 15 Topless Dancers, wearing G-Strings and Stockings. There were also 25-30 Coyote Dancers, most of them slim and attractive.

For that reason you will never see me at Bliss Lounge or Lolita's.) Our farmer's daughter seemed not overly enthusiastic about farangs and said that, because of a lack of water, she had sown rice late and had to return for the also late harvest in December. it wasn't quite as good as Annabelle's, but very nice.For a lady drink she would take off her pants and she was not too shy to lift her dress and bra exposing her athletic body.As I have heard a hundred times, she told that most customers only want blowjobs and that she only had had sex (by Bill Clinton's definition) with the Thai father of her child.Bar fine (room included) still 300 baht, bottled Heineken still 100 baht, lady drinks still 130 baht. I had Girl's coming up to me and introducing themselves, Birds on the Stage Smiling at me and waggling their posteriors at me. Nice was a very attractive Girl, unfortunately she couldn't find my dick, it had gone into hibernation but she kept looking for it.I popped into the Beach Club a couple of months back and it was terrible. A fourth Girl came over she was 1 of 4 Coyote Dancer's, but she was very slim with a beautiful face.

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