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So I must have been excited for Ever Quest 2, right? I was a poor college freshman, and my three-year-old box didn't come close to meeting Ever Quest 2's minimum specs.

This is a notoriously unoptimized game, even now, and I wasn't about to take chances spending what little money I had on a game that was unlikely to work. Blizzard's first MMORPG was set to release just a few weeks after Ever Quest 2 and, while Sony Online Entertainment had experience in the genre, Blizzard has much more personal history.

With World of Warcraft, Blizzard has the privilege of taking its time on expansions.Expansions are major content additions to Ever Quest II and must be purchased.As of late 2011, all players get free access to all content through Sentinel's Fate.Free-to-play games (and MMOs that are struggling in general) need to pump out new and exciting content at a ridiculous rate, both to keep current players happy and hopefully entice new players into the game. The time needed to polish content along with the ability to go back and remove content that doesn't really matter anymore. Look at the (admittedly controversial) Cataclysm expansion for World of Warcraft in 2010. Blizzard is constantly reworking talent trees, tweaking stats and generally making for a smoother, more streamlined experience.Blizzard saw that its quest design had progressed significantly from where it was when the game launched and felt the earlier zones no longer matched the quality of the rest of the game. Meanwhile, in Ever Quest 2, systems have seemingly been stacked on top of each other until they reach the figurative, if not virtual, sky.

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