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The Buried Sea also added an inventory slot for a new "Energeian power source" that affects all Energeian-based (also known as "infusible") gear you have on. A: Commonly called So F, this expansion raised the level cap to 80 and added new clockwork-themed content off the Steamfont Mountains, aimed almost solely at levels 75-80.

It added "guild banners" that guilds can use to let members teleport quickly from the guild hall to wherever the guild is raiding, and a similar mechanism called "campfires" that can be used by "fellowships" of up to nine players.

It also added "Leadership Experience", wherein the leader of a group of three or more members, or the leader of a raid, can choose for 20% of the experience they earn to be diverted into Leadership Points, with which they then purchase various abilities that enhance the performance of people in their group, including later groups. It provided additional hunting grounds for levels 46 and up. A: Commonly called Lo Y, this expansion added expanded bank space, in-game maps, armor dyes for all slots that show a graphic, the story window, a log journal, Frogloks as a playable race, and a few new hunting zones for levels 40 and up. A: Commonly called LDo N, this expansion provided "instanced" dungeons. It also added the Nexus spires to somewhat facilitate transportation, The Bazaar as a place to trade items with other players, and new, more detailed player character models. A: Commonly called Po P, this expansion raised the level cap to 65, greatly expanded the Alternate Advancement options available, added the ability to form raids of up to 72 people, and added a very efficient transportation system, with direct teleportation between the Plane of Knowledge and most major cities. A: Expansions add new content to the game: new locations, new quests, new monsters, new skills, and also new user interface features. (In some countries you may be able to link your game account directly to a bank account.) 2.3 Q: What are these expansions I keep hearing about?

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