Forts dating back to the 1800s

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Funds are not always sufficient to continue with research.” So for now, the ruins -- though listed on the U. National Register of Historic Places -- remain a mystery. From SR 44 (traveling east), turn left onto Live Oak Street and continue to Canal Street; turn right and continue to Riverside Drive; turn left and travel one block to Old Fort Park.The Turnbull Ruins are located at Old Fort Park on N. Street parking is available between Julia and Washington streets.

However, considering its location next to a wharf, it’s possible the foundation was built to support a large warehouse for storing supplies brought in by boat.Come visit Florida to discover New Smyrna history and all the great things to do in New Smyrna.Fort Worth is The City of Cowboys and Culture, and it doesn’t take long for anyone visiting to understand why.The New Smyrna Museum of History is at 120 Sams Ave., about one block from Old Fort Park.Some residents believe the city or county should put more effort into dating the ruins to determine their origin, but this is a difficult task, according to Irene Beckham, New Smyrna Museum of History board member and descendent of one of Turnbull’s settlers.

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