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There is no explicit Adult mode so just who this cartoon cat is aimed at when it’s not in Child mode is unclear.Whoever they are, they need to be able to type because the app answers to written questions.IF U ZOOM IN HER EYES U WILL SEE A ROOM WITH A GUY IN IT, AND IT TAKES RANDOM PICTURES....IF U WISH TO DOWNLOAD MAKE SURE U COVER UR CAMERA WITH UR FINGERS The subject of their fury is the eponymous feline star of a smartphone app called Talking Angela.Children won’t experience any difficultly disabling Child mode.Some will do it deliberately, some accidentally, and some will just enjoy playing with buttons.So we’ve established that some children who are supposed to be in Child mode probably won’t be and that some parents will not like what they hear Talking Angela saying when that happens.Consider the following sentence said by one person to another: “You have been a naughty girl and you must be punished!

Within child mode, the chat bot feature is disabled so Angela can respond only to touch and repeat what she hears over the microphone.

It’s light-years away from secret paedophiles hiding in the app but it might be the tiny pebble that caused the first ripple in the pond. The easiest way that you can tell if you’re in Child mode is that there’s no chat at the bottom of the screen.

One of the screen shots below shows the app with Child mode on and one shows the app with Child mode off. The ‘Chat with me’ box only appears when Child mode is off.

Parents who feel that Child mode is important and want their children to stay in that mode will probably be disappointed.

Two clicks in the same place – the Ü (or smiley face) button and then the toggle that appears next to it – and the training wheels are off.

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