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Super-fan Loren and her best friend Melissa are able to talk their way into the show just as he hits the stage.

Note: This episode was available on the Nick at Nite website before its air date.

Phil gets deeper with Colorado and promises to hijack Don's clinic.

Loren has a house party when her mom is out of town with Dr.

Loren worries about her song entry, so Melissa and Nora work on lifting her spirits.

Meanwhile, Eddie wants his relationship with Chloe to progress to the next level.

Meanwhile, Don and Nora cut their trip short when they hear about the break-in at the clinic.

Eddie writes songs with Loren on his birthday and asks her if he should give Chloe another chance.

Chloe follows Eddie to Loren's house party in the valley and sees Eddie and Loren goof around.During Eddie's performance, Loren is overjoyed when his eyes meet hers.After the show, she sends him some lyrics to a song she wrote via Twitter and catches his attention. Note: This episode was available on the Nick at Nite website before its television air date.Ellie acts strange around the office and Don finally pays off his ex-employee/ affair. Loren and Eddie work on her song together but Jake doesn't think she has enough experience or talent which leads to an argument with Kelly and Jake.Chloe does a televised interview with Lily about her breakup with Eddie; Chloe tells Eddie, Tyler blackmailed her into having an affair with him.

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