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The internet is a fantastic place to learn, have fun and talk to friends and family.

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It can therefore make someone feel threatened or upset in their own home.

Young people aged under 25 have higher rates of STIs than other groups, so it's worth being aware of what the risks are, how to guard against them, where to go if you're worried and what, as a parent, you should be advising.

There's some good news about young people's health (teen pregnancies down, smoking, drinking and drug taking down) but some not-so-good news (obesity and mental health problems up).

A new report from Public Health England says that young people's mental and physical health are closely connected - and that relationships are the key to their health and wellbeing.

What do you need to know when your child is exploring their sexuality online? When they're using technology to take their relationship to the next level? Would your child rather eat sweets than spaghetti bolognese?

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    This is not serious and is considered normal.” Less frequently, the bereaved can show no signs of improvement and continue to have symptoms of depression or anxiety.

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    This application is completely cross-platform, that is, you can easily log into application from smartphone, tablet or PC, using all the popular operating systems.• Safety.