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“All I know is they were with us, and then they weren’t.”But Palmisano was no longer alone with her attacker: at 14, she got pregnant with a son, who was born at a hospital "somewhere in Oklahoma.”She sensed the hospital staff knew something was wrong, but she was moved by the man to a different state “real quick.”Her baby would become a main source of hope for her in the upcoming years— but later a source of intense pain.When she was around 15 1/2, Palmisano said her mother came back into the picture but did not stop the abuse.He didn’t have to put a lock on me anymore,” Palmisano said.

She doesn’t remember what happened to every one of those individuals: their stories all seemed to end up the same.“I locked out what happened to those girls,” Palmisano said.Palmisano remembered living in cars, under bridges, in the woods and out of old hotel rooms.She broke away from her own life story to say she understood why young women who are trafficked return to their traffickers: Through abuse, that trafficker breaks down a young woman’s will and through control also becomes the young woman’s sole source of survival.“They never found us, or if they did find us they didn’t know what to do with us,” Palmisano said of those she encountered during these turbulent years.“He was my security.”Law enforcement eventually tracked them down. By this time, Palmisano started drinking to cope and had been introduced to meth by a family member.She was deemed an unfit parent, and her son was taken from her.“That baby was the only thing that kept me alive, and now they were going to take him away,” she said. They told me, ‘Tina, let him go.’”She was almost 19 at the time.

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