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This flaw, when manipulated correctly, allowed users to surreptitiously gain access to thousands of at-home IP camera feeds, providing a veritable online playground for peeping toms.

In response, Trendnet issued a firmware update that purported to eliminate the threat, though nearly one year later, it's apparent that many owners never took action.

You will then be prompted to choose an video codec.

While you are welcome to try the various options available, I personally choose uncompressed to get the highest quality conversion to .mp4 later on.

In the next window, you will want to make sure and configure your recording options as follows…

The snapshots you see here appear as fair use according to copyright law.Thus far, there's no clear explanation for the persistence of this vulnerability.Trendnet, for its part, says it has notified all owners of affected cameras, though Network World speculates that some users may have never registered their devices to begin with, which would therefore make it difficult to identify them.Prominently displayed across the top of the interface is a download link for Trendnet's firmware update, alongside a Pastebin document full of links to exposed streams.The @TRENDnet Exposed account has also been publishing these links, branding each post with a #Trend Net Exposed hashtag.

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