Funky fish dating

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Bustybabe,of course ill make you a birthday cake,the one you made for me on my birthday was lovely. The last Funky fish meet was a fantastic night, so deffo signed for this one.

I may be a bit tired as i fly back from my holiday in the early hours of sat morning, but that aint gonna stop me partying with all the old fishes i already know, and all the new i am gonna meet. Wow,so long to go and theres allready 25 signed up! Could i ask you to post the meet in your profiles so that your friends ect will become aware of where they can go party and meet up with you without any pressures?

And to the guy who came up to me and said "A few more pints and I might Sh*g you" well thanks for the compliment, I think , but you best work on your chat up lines if you want to attract the ladies, or stay single The pictures are looking good and I have a couple here most of you might like to see, if you let me now how you what them got to you Colin And Spritzer wants a purple wig for her birthday, or is it a pair of blue speedos I wonder hmmm Catch you all soon chippy2Hey Chippy2, what's wrong with 'a few more pints and I might sh*g you'?- HTML size is 21KB, compressed HTML and Text Size are 20KB and 7KB.- There is up to 0 percent of the difference between the size of HTML and the compressed HTML size.Thanks to Geordie Colin, lovely to meet you, shame we didnt get to chinwag too much and swap cheffy stories and recipes ha ha, and to Saucy Nancy was good to see you again, you must have been hot in that pink wig of yours?shazzie xx I couldn't make this meet but thought I would check out the photos and see what you lot got up to.

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