Gal is not updating

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It scans your contacts and makes updates based on information in the GAL. At the moment we have an issue with the Global Address List.Is there a way to remedy this without the need to recreate the groups?I have also enabled the OAL Generator diagnostic logging.The Microsoft Exchange default is for this to update at 5 AM each morning.In addition, if you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010 in cached mode it may be storing an out-of-date copy of the GAL.In Exchange Server 2007, the OAB can be updated using the following command from the shell: Update-Offline Address Book “Name of Address Book” To update all OABs: Get-Offline Address Book | Update-Offline Address Book On the client go to Outlook 2003/2007 | , wait for the download to complete (depending on your bandwidth and size of OAL, this may be close to instant, or it may take a few minutes)– Check if the user appears in the GAL If you want to have new users show up in the GAL for Outlook Cached Mode users more quickly, you can update the OAB refresh interval to have Exchange update it more frequently.Alternatively, you can wait till after Exchange has updated the OAB on its current schedule.

Being in the basement, you head back up the stairs and hover by a window.You may see a status window indicating the download's progress, it will automatically disappear when completed. Re-open Outlook and log in; the Global Address List should now contain the most recent information.To make new users show up in the GAL immediately, you can force a rebuild of the OAB.Outlook Social Connector is normal - I have it on my contacts as well.Microsoft Support has an article on offline address books which may be helpful in this situation..appears you have cached mode turned on (it is by default on the clients) The Outlook Social connector (Free with Outlook 2010/2013) will do what you are asking for.

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