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(4) If one of the applicable laws allows for the imposition of a confiscatory expropriation order the court may impose it in addition to imprisonment for life or a fixed term of more than two years.In addition, ancillary penalties and measures (section 11(1) No 8) must or may be imposed if one of the applicable laws so requires or allows.table of contents(1) If a person has committed more than one offence, all of which are to be adjudicated at the same time, and incurred more than one sentence of imprisonment or more than one fine, an aggregate sentence shall be imposed.(3) If the offender, pursuant to a law according to which section 43a is applicable or under the terms of section 52(4), has as one of the individual sentences incurred imprisonment for life or a fixed term of more than two years, the court may impose a confiscatory expropriation order in addition to the aggregate sentence formed pursuant to subsections (1) or (2) above; if in such cases a confiscatory expropriation order is to be imposed for more than one offence, an aggregate expropriation order shall to that extent be imposed. Section 54Fixing of aggregate sentence(2) The aggregate sentence shall be less than the sum of the individual sentences.This shall apply only if and to the extent that the act committed is an adequate means to avert the danger.table of contents(1) A person who, faced with an imminent danger to life, limb or freedom which cannot otherwise be averted, commits an unlawful act to avert the danger from himself, a relative or person close to him, acts without guilt.This shall not apply if and to the extent that the offender could be expected under the circumstances to accept the danger, in particular, because he himself had caused the danger, or was under a special legal obligation to do so; the sentence may be mitigated pursuant to section 49(1) unless the offender was required to accept the danger because of a special legal obligation to do so.

One daily unit shall correspond to one day of imprisonment.FIFTH TITLEIMMUNITY FOR STATEMENTS AND REPORTS MADE IN PARLIAMENTtable of contents Delegates of the Federal Parliament, the Federal Assembly or of a legislative body of a member state shall at all times be immune from external liability because of a vote they cast or a statement they made within one of those bodies or one of their committees.This shall not apply to intentional defamations.table of contents Truthful reports about the public sessions of the bodies indicated in section 36 or their committees shall not give rise to any liability.table of contents FIRST TITLEPENALTIEStable of contents Section 38Term of imprisonment(2) The maximum term of fixed-term imprisonment shall be fifteen years, the minimum term one month.table of contents Imprisonment for less than a year shall be determined in full weeks and months,imprisonment for a longer period in full months and years.table of contents Section 40Day fine units(2) The court shall determine the amount of the daily unit taking into consideration the personal and financial circumstances of the offender.It shall not, in the case of imprisonment for a fixed term, exceed fifteen years, in the case of a confiscatory expropriation order, the value of the offender’s assets, and in the case of a fine, seven hundred and twenty daily units; section 43a(1) 3rd sentence shall apply mutatis mutandis.Section 55Subsequent fixing of aggregate sentence(2) Confiscatory expropriation orders, ancillary penalties and measures (section 11(1) No 8) imposed in the previous sentence shall be upheld to the extent they have not been rendered moot by the new judgment.

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