Get boundfield value in rowupdating

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It iterates over the control collection of the Grid View Row and calls Extract Values From Cell on each cell which puts values into the dictionary.

Uses Most data controls support writing custom commands and handling some Command event(Row Command for Grid View).

Hope this helps UPDATE: I've had some requests to add more data controls and to convert the code to VB etc.

So I decided to instead put the code in an assembly and make available for download here.

My advice is use Use Find Control as a last resort.

2-way Data Binding2-way Databinding is a cool feature in ASP.

One thing you'll learn about developing webpages is that its like petting a porcupine (yikes).

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There is alot of magic going on behind the scenes (which I will blog about in a separate post), but you do not need to know how it works to use it, e.g expression then the value of the Text property is pushed into a dictionary which the data control can retrieve later.

The good news is you CAN do it(this is what this blog post is all about right? This is probably one of the worst things you can do.

From the time you write code that depends on the immediate layout of your page then your asking for trouble.

Most of the data controls have events ending in ing and ed e.g. In most of the event handlers of the ing events it is easy to get the values from the event args.

Forgive me for the variation in my code formatting I'm trying to find the right one.

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