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I dont think this invalidates her as a human being or anything.I emailed Matt Sperling, a former roommate of mine who happens to be a pro Magic player.I don't take offense to her personal dating preferences, we all prefer this type of personality or that type of personality.I just wish people understood the difference between a geek and a nerd. A nerd is someone who's intellect appears to have developed at the expense of their social skills.He's also a UCLA law grad and was working as a lawyer when I knew him—yes, a normal guy.How are other Magic pros perceiving the Gizmodo dust up?It was also the day that Gizmodo intern Alyssa Bereznak posted an article trashing a guy she met on dating site OKCupid.

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The takeaway from this episode is the kind of takeaway that you'd think we wouldn't need anymore: People with niche passions can also be normal. By most accounts, Jon Finkel, the guy that went on the dates with Bereznak and was the Magic world champion in 2000, is a nice guy.

Apparently not, at least judging by a Tuesday's Gizmodo post in which writer Alyssa Bereznak rants about dating a guy who turned out to be a world champion player of the collectible card game Magic the Gathering. The consensus, happily, is that Bereznak showed herself to be pretty lame by dismissing the guy just for playing Magic.

But the underlying problem was in the article's intro, presumably written by Gizmodo's editors: "One person's Magic is another person's fingernail biting." Is that really true?

Experts also reveal that users share information with others very easily while online dating, with about 25 percent of the users sharing their full name publicly on their profile.

The experts analysed nine most popular mobile online dating apps including Tinder, Bumble, Ok Cupid, Badoo, Mamba, Zoosk, Happn, We Chat, Paktor and revealed the main threats for users.

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