Globalization and dating

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Personal globalization might usefully be seen as descriptive of the process through which an individual becomes 'better rounded' -- a person 'for all seasons'.

On the one hand there is widespread appeal for 'new ways of thinking' -- as being essential to avoidance of patterns of behaviour in which planetary society is trapped.The challenges of personal globalization may then be readily described as external features of society -- without any need to explicitly acknowledge their roots in the individual through these conceptual prosthetic devices and surrogates.As a result society now practices a special form of euphemism and denial that, as might be expected, is reminiscent of the prudery (and avoidance of consequences) widely associated with reference to bodily output processes in certain cultures.Indeed it might be said that the crisis in psychological well-being is intimately associated with fragmentation of an integrative, or global, sense of self.The following notes explore the possibility that the enthusiastic focus on economic globalization, as an inevitable process, is a reflection of a momentum towards an equally inevitable form of personal globalization.

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