Going to college with no dating experience

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"I want to have kids right away, and I know it gets harder to conceive with age," says Seals.

"Sometimes I worry that I won't find The One." The newly single face challenges in the bedroom, too. But soon Jason grew cagey about the length of his last relationship. For every one of us out there, there's a boy, newly single and guileless, just waiting to sweep us off our feet."I felt this gripping fear that I was going to be an old lady before I found anyone," she says. "It was my first date outside a relationship—ever," Aviva says.So after two weeks of crying, she forced herself onto a dating site, telling herself there were plenty of great guys out there. "I didn't know how to act." The two had great chemistry over dinner, but at the end of the night, "he pecked me on the lips," she recalls. Taking her cues from Hollywood chick flicks, "I thought if the guy likes you, he gives you this passionate kiss," she says.And she left to go with him to a second bar, a sign to any red-blooded male that sex is inevitable. They tell her a guy's indecision is a bad sign or that she's rushing into things.But taking any advice isn't easy, especially when you're tethered to a ticking biological clock.

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