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-------------------------------------------------- Name: Fran cobb-Arnold Email: [email protected], I am looking for more information on the line of Milly Ann MOONEY. God Bless, Fran Cobb-Arnold - Adolphus MOORE (1st wife) m. -------------------------------------------------- Name: Deason Hunt Email: [email protected], I know very little about children of William Moody (The younger) or (Junior,) son of William Moody (Senior) (died 1818, Randolph County, North Carolina). I strongly suspect but can't prove that the Anderson "S" Moody who lived in Moore Co NC in 1850 was a son of Benjamin. 85) (1 free white male 16 and up, 1 free white male under 16 years, 3 free white females) It is possible that Mary Myracks husband was in one of those two households in 1790. William Moody Sr's estate records clearly show that Anderson Moody (son of Ezekiel) had moved to Georgia by 1835. -------------------------------------------------- Name: tdohhx Email: [email protected] school hasland hall community school website county primary school balston spa school district high school cullybackey high school website county schools . I have no reason to give in supposing it is possibly either wrong or incomplete, but it is undocumented as presented next. John Milton Moody (1802-1885) married four times: Domuletta ? -------------------------------------------------- Name: iuflqoq Email: [email protected] calinary art schools saint paul public schools subfinder public school commercial diving maxville school weekday school .

Posted by: Tom Mooney Date: December 09, 2001 at of 1901 I Am looking for any descendents of my Great Aunt, Milly Ann Mooney born about 1844 in Mc Dowell Co. I have been told by relatives that our families came from the Netherlands. -------------------------------------------------- Name: Julia Email: julia [email protected] et Just some more info. Also, although Emsley was acknowledged as a grandson of William Moody, he did not receive any land or money in the distribution of the estate. Moody I have no information on their relationship to William Moody, but there was at least one Mary Moody living in Chatham County at the right time. I got my information from my grandparents, and from research I did online, as well as personal visits to Tennessee, N. I hit a wall with William, and would very much like to know more about him and his ancestors. -------------------------------------------------- Name: JM Email: [email protected] for information on Temperance Moody found living with Thomas (Thos) Bucy in 1860 in Cannon, Readyville P. -------------------------------------------------- Name: bhsmtxtcqqd Email: [email protected] w5a9 eqfzkmkldhlf, [url= [link= . John Nall was married first to Sarah Glass about 1786. 1794, son of Dennis and Mary Sanders Phillips, my fifth great grandparents. -------------------------------------------------- Name: nacgrxd Email: [email protected] skycrest christian school clearwater florida colorado esthetics paramedical school school swim feering primary school high school baxter tn berkly school of music boston school malton how to implement froebel theory in your preschool classroom . In 1860 Chatham County, NC Census, Margaret Thomason Nall is living with Josiah and Mary Nall Temple. 1790 who married 09/14/1812, my 4th great grandfather, Lindsey Phillips, b. -------------------------------------------------- Name: dxrhlj Email: [email protected] underbank primary school milikan high school long beach california vegetaria cooking schools school rotary flight sgr fm school closures oak school school san fancisco eastwindsorregionalschools . Regarding the Myrick surname, on the 1790 census of Chatham County, North Carolina, there are these heads of household: Wm. 86) (1 free white male 16 and up, 6 free white males under 16, 4 free white females) Moses Mirack (p. Obviously, this is only sketchy information that needs more research. I see postings here that seem to confuse information about these two Anderson Moody's. To me, other than the statement of fact that Emsley is a grandson of William Moody, the exact line of his descent from William remains a mystery, one which I would like to solve before I start writing on my Moody Family history later this year. Found children of Jeremiah (all born Mississippi) are William L. I know the general stories of all Anderson's sons, and a little more detail on two of them, James Daniel, and my grandfather Alexander Taylor, both of whom moved on the Arkansas after leaving Tennessee. -------------------------------------------------- Name: keith moody Email: genealogy [email protected] believe that William Moody SR had two grandsons named Anderson Moody who were about the same age.

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