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They told me everything I wanted to here and I was very eager to meet a nice girl to date.

After my profile and everything was complete I started looking through women's profiles at the office.

I tried going back a couple of times later to see if there were more profiles to sift through; I found some but none of the women were interested - go figure!

I went to a winery that year, where I was the only guy in his twenties. Finally, the second and last event I went to was speed dating.

Unlike other online dating services, as a member of Great Expectations you will have access to a team of relationship professionals.

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Someone asked me out, we both were similar in our being social misfits, and for some reason even though we are complete opposites we have been married more than 25 years.

I did so, rented a post office box, and waited for the responses to pour in. One was from a woman who lived about forty five miles away from me, and the other was from Great Expectations.

At that time, I didn't have to go in for an interview, all I had to do was return a pre-printed form with my likes and dislikes and a money order for something like .00. I got back a sheet from them with about seven names and phone numbers of women they thought matched my preferences. The second one became my wife, and we were married for almost thirty two years before she passed away last year.

Let's just say, as a 21 year old man, single mothers and older women (90% of the ladies of whom were 30 and above) this was dissatisfying to me.

I was extremely bitter and felt stupid that I threw away so much money.

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