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The assault was carried out by a group returning from a rally that blamed foreigners for unemployment, crime and spreading AIDS.

In 2000 seven foreigners were killed on the Cape Flats over a five-week period in what police described as xenophobic murders possibly motivated by the fear that outsiders would claim property belonging to locals.

The reality was more varied, with the homeland of Lebowa banning Mozambican settlers outright while Gazankulu welcomed the refugees with support in the form of land and equipment.

Those in Gazankulu, however, found themselves confined to the homeland and liable for deportation should they enter South Africa proper, and evidence exists that their hosts denied them access to economic resource.

The chances are they would have to take his prosthetic limbs because, in an open population situation, those would be weapons to other prisoners.

"He would then most probably have to spend time in a wheelchair, which would make him less mobile and an easier target." The dire conditions inside the prison have led six prisoners serving sentences at the facility to launch a court bid at Pretoria High Court to improve their living arrangements - and ensure they are treated "humanely".

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"Drugs are freely obtainable in jail and I have a serious drug problem, for which I do not get help." Wouter Viljoen, another of the six inmates, said in a statement before court that he had to make do with dirty mattresses and no bedding.

They also claimed in statements that the main reason prisoners contract diseases in jail was due to the lack of health care services.

Their case has been postponed indefinitely, but the judge said the application was of constitutional importance.

In May 2008, a series of attacks left 62 people dead; although 21 of those killed were South African citizens.

The attacks were apparently motivated by xenophobia.

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