Gunnar nelson dating anyone

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Their recent album, They’re also involved in a traveling road show called "Ricky Nelson Remembered," which pays tribute to their late father and his music.

I sat down with Gunnar Nelson to get the scoop on these projects and what it was like growing up in a musical household and performing alongside Burton.It doesn’t matter if it’s for Ricky Nelson Remembered, Scrap Metal or Nelson. is to be the last go around as Nelson the rock band, how would you like the band to be remembered?I would love to be remembered for our uniqueness, the strength of the songwriting and vocalizing and how we used our Southern California influences.They perform full-band shows as Nelson, pay tribute to their father with their Ricky Nelson Remembered shows and take part in all-star is an infectious collection of songs showcasing the maturity of the songwriting as well as Gunnar’s guitar prowess. This one features the best of the songwriting, guitar work and vocals.Next year, Gunnar and Matthew will begin a new duo project focusing on guitars and vocals. Most of all, the theme of the record is positive, and that’s what this band is 25 years in.

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