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:)Honestly, I don't think this song is about anything at all.

At the same time, I'm sure this song is everything I've ever wanted to say and couldn't.

The reason i know this is because when Chris is laying down, he does not move a finger at all, but only his moving lips to the song.

When the view above Chris was much higher as he was laying down on the bed, he was able to match his lips to the song as s--tty as he wanted too.

He managed to pay me for his tux and he walked me down the isle. I love him and I'm so happy to say he is sober today and the man I knew when I was a young girl.

He asked me when we were dancing and I was complaining about being about how long the song was, "why did you pick such a long song".

'Questions of science do not speak as loud as the heart', after a seperation realising that logic cannot be applied to everything and that he is feeling emotion instead and ignoring the logic.

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He wants the things from the beginning of a relationship like telling eachothers secrets and getting to know each other.Tho i could be entirely wrong, but i think its a great interpretation...The Scientist is about a couple who are facing struggles or have broken up.Although, this was a challenge for Chris because there were so many more hard parts to actually lipsink backwards in the video then times when he was not so far from the camera. I love how everyone has a different take on songs..especially this one, because for me it's about the most important song I've ever heard.It may be a break up song but to me I heard it for the very first time riding in the car with my dad from the hospital. I had just calmed down enough to breath and then this song came on. Named the scientist b/c how humans struggle with love and relationships thru much time, practice,& heartach trying to get it rite like a scientist does with the scientific process of problem solving.

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