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[ 1,183, -52] Give it up, WGM, you won't get your viewer ratings back no matter how many idols you put on it. [ 296, -9] There are so many language barriers on this show, why bother? Y-Star recently aired a television program that unveiled Korea’s Top 50 Most Handsome Men of 2011 voted by participants. We’ve made a collection of these manner-handed stars.Shockingly, more male actors made the list compared to male idols. #’Fast, but with manner’ manner-hand stars in fierce situations It is impossible to not make body contact when male and female stars perform a sexy dance. Those male celebrities who try their best to not touch any part of the body, no matter how close they get, come into the spotlight of many female fans as ‘mannered man’.Article: 'WGM' PD clarifies script controversy "We don't even give them a slip of paper"Source: TV Daily via Nate1. Is MBC squeezing this for its life because there aren't other variety shows left? [ 406, -14] This show needs to be taken off air- Source: Naver1. [ 532, -24] The only reason this show has lasted this long is because it's broadcast before Infinity Challenge5.[ 599, -20] Then how are you going to explain the scripts written on sketchbooks for Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo ㅡㅡ Do you think viewers are stupid? Telling them what to say every second is also a script.2. [ 3,743, -257] Quit your crazy talk and get off air2. [ 370, -10] WGM is basically acting lessons for idols ㅋㅋㅋ- Article: 'WGM' Wooyoung "Virtual wife Park Se Young is close to my ideal type"Source: Star News via Naver1. [ 136, -8] Pictures look straight out of an old '70s drama poster- Article: [Exclusive] Kim Heechul confirmed for 'WGM Globa'...

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[ 1,905, -89] They look like a couple that would be the most awkward and business formal... [ 1,330, -55] Those pictures make them look so old3. first filming next week Source: Star News via Naver1. How many members from Su Ju have already been on this.2. [ 246, -11] Taemin just got off and SM already sticks Heechul on it?

I’m not sure yet, but personally I think I’ll be entering sometime by the end of this year or early next year.

Leeteuk revealed, “I’m worrying a lot about my service, actually.

It's hard since I haven't practiced dancing in a while."Check out the video above to watch him on the radio program!

He talks about Sohee around and 'We Got Married' around .

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