High schools mandating community service for graduation

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Community Service Guidelines Booklet (revised May 2013) Community Service Verification Form Community Service Guide SPAN Comm Serv Form Revised May 2013 SPAN Community Service is defined by this Task Force as “volunteer service beyond the traditional classroom that fosters civic and social responsibility for the benefit of the community that is neither paid for, graded, nor punitive.” The Community Service Task Force is comprised of a mixture of social science teachers, counselors, and administrators from the district who meet regularly to review and revise the SUHSD community service requirement.The Task Force agrees that the intent of the requirement is to encourage students to be active and engaged members of their communities and to address important community issues.Is the student really doing community service, or is the student doing “school service” camouflaged as community service? When a student does something for a school band, for example, in a parade on Saturday, and it seems to NOT violate any of the NO’s (not graded, off-campus, not during school hours), the question to ask is, “Does the student have the option of not going and saying, ‘I don’t feel like performing today in the parade, or I don’t care to go to this event?’” If the student has the explicit freedom (with no repercussion or pressure) to NOT participate, then it is voluntary.

Expect Respect: The success of many service organizations lies in their dependence on volunteer work and they highly value their volunteers.To these ends, the new guidelines (Revised 5/2013) for what qualifies as community service for the district graduation requirement have become more explicit.However, it is impossible to develop a list of acceptable and unacceptable activities that is all inclusive.Therefore, it is imperative that the requirement for all activities to be approved in advance by the Social Science teacher and parent be followed explicitly.Credit for service hours will be denied if the student fails to get an activity approved in advance.

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