Honduras and their dating practives

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The real Lacoste logo is a fierce-looking crocodile turning right with his jaw wide open, while Clio Coddle is rather sheepish.

Una temporada más, con la llegada de noviembre, comienza la NBA.

It is somewhat my ascension journal and a place where I can reflect while I write down my thoughts.

I spend much time working on personal and spiritual development.

After all, as the official rhetoric says, 'Change it, do something, don't just whine!!!!

Welcome to my Ascension Ashram where I post my thoughts and revelations about life, earth, the galaxy and the universe.

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)In the past, the playgrounds are sites of great fun and adventure!Me alegro de haber perdido muchas horas con el vídeo recopilando fragmentos, así como de disponer en estos tiempos un elemento como youtube, de una utilidad incalculable cuando uno quiere tirar de recuerdos.Aquí va mi particular homenaje a Andrés Montes y Antoni Daimiel (1996-2007 aprox.)Su primera intervención juntos: Two of the key artefacts that contribute to such great fun and adventure are the So, in short, what we need are the three S's - see-saw, swing, and sand. We can speculate on the reasons for this disappearance - policymakers' desire to have complete cleanliness (after all, sand can mess up the surrounding areas), the need to conserve land and hence the need for smaller playgrounds, and the wish to please those paranoid parents who cannot bear seeing their child fall down on the sand and scratch him/herself.It is possible that over time, parents have become more and more protective of their children, and this may have contributed to the disapperance of the third S - the sand (and possibly the first and second S's too, although one would have to adopt a very loose definition of 'danger' in order to consider the see-saw and the swing as 'dangerous').

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