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When you're trying to ask somebody, "Where do you live, what's your address, do you have your keys?

So you really go out of your way to help someone if you don't feel like you can? She was still pretty new here and she didn't know a lot of people.

I just try to cheer the girls up, if there's a problem at home or whatever. We had a party the other day and there was a female customer who was getting a little too rough with the girls. Some girls will come in done, or pretty much finished, and then they'll put on a little makeup there. I was like, '"Ok here's some paper, get an autograph."You mentioned you're sort of like a therapist for the girls.

Sometimes somebody might be having a bad day so I'm pretty good at giving positive affirmation I guess. And then the dressing room is it's own special thing [laughs.]Because of the nudity? So our manager had me text her right away and say, "Your contract has expired." Anything that is outrageous and unacceptable behavior. Sometimes women come to the strip club and they think it's OK to touch the girls because they're a woman. Look like a million bucks and maybe you'll make a million bucks. Are the girls responsible for having all of that done on their own time? She's like, "Mom, the money just isn't as good."Do you think the girls have fun doing it? One girl put it to me this way — and I thought this was really smart — she said, "It's fast money, but it's not always easy money." Sometimes guys are just like, "Your tits aren't big enough." And that gets you, you know? Like last night some big football player came in, a retired guy, I don't really follow football, but girls were going nuts.

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