Hrvatski chat video cam

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Blue Jeans is the cloud video platform that makes online enterprise meetings productive, manageable, and secure while delighting employees, engaging leaders, and supporting IT organizations.

It’s not polite to call someone out of the blue anymore. That’s why Facebook thinks video calling will live naturally inside Messenger.

With real-time and historical information about in-meeting activities and quality metrics, Command Center gives helpdesk personnel, IT staff, and senior leadership the service intelligence they need to measure ROI, identify and troubleshoot issues, and make informed decisions.

Learn more → Blue Jeans Relay is a software platform that integrates customer-premise components and applications with the Blue Jeans cloud for a superior collaboration experience.

Built from the cloud-up for flexibility and scale, Blue Jeans makes it easy to migrate from hardware-constrained solutions to an easy-to-manage cloud teleconferencing service.

Unlike hardware or software-based MCUs, there's no appliance, server, or operating system to purchase and maintain.

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