Html updating text in the window dating zawaj

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When the user click on the previous or next link, the image is loaded via Javascript and the textfield is updated accordingly.Imagine the user visits the gallery page, by default it shows the 1st picture and the textfield displays "1 of 30" (in readonly mode).In every PC since windows 7 I have always managed to use Preview to set the extension viewable...WIndows allows me to add a column called COMMENT in the File Explorer yet it is unclear how I can actually add my personal text next to a file or folder to describe its contents.Originally posted by Matteo Di Furia: Basically, I have an input text field which is configured as readonly and I use to display some information.If I refresh the page, the content of the page is refreshed, while the content of the text field remains the same Well, The text field is used in a picture gallery, at the beginning it displays the label "1 of 30" (30 is the number of pics, as an example).

If you want to circumvent this behavior, you may have to resort to explicitly setting the value in the onload handler.

Maybe I'll switch the INPUT text element with something else I can programmatically update the content which.

I use a program for work, and it saves files with an extension Those files can also be opened fine in notepad, and are 100% text based.

[ July 21, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ] Mmm, I was also thinking this is the default behaviour, just to be more friendly to user, as you said.

Perhaps it is the right way to go, it's the programmer's duty to make the greater efforts to make the things work, not the user's.

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