I kiss dating goodbye by joshua harris

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Purity culture also taught me that more than my mind and my talents, my body was my greatest gift.

The insidious message of purity culture still clings fast in my marriage, and I often put it at the root of some of my deepest anxieties and fears.

He was what we, as young evangelicals, wanted to be.

And so we strove passionately to attain the ideal of premarital purity he laid out for us.

In addition, DOES NOT even offer the 'original' text of this book for purchase (as a KINDLE product), which is a TOTAL surprise.This is misleading and I'm rather disappointed that it is advertised In such a way as to lead one to believe that the kindle version is the same as the book version.Kindle buyer beware of what you are about to purchase.He was young after all, and there were others making the same arguments. Maybe it was his youthful status, or his rising star as a pastor, or the hip fedora on the cover of the book.Whatever the formula, the book became the catalyst for the resurgence of courtship and is often cited as the foundational book for purity culture — a movement that uses biblical principles to encourage men and women to stay virgins before marriage.

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