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Well, here's the next phase in the relationship, and i OS has practically moved in to Mac's house.If Lion was a toothbrush in the bathroom, Mountain Lion is a chest of drawers in the bedroom.Reminders, i Message, Game Center, Notifications, i Cloud and Twitter integration — all i OS's most intimate stuff is here, and it all pretty much looks the same as it does on the i Pad.Most of it is designed to sync up so it is And Mac OS X has had to throw out some of its stuff. Who needs them when you've got Notifications, which appear in classy banners down the side of the screen? Instead, here's i Message, which will still let you IM your contacts (if you must). Mac users, start dreaming of how much cooler your desktop or laptop experience could be this summer.That's when Apple will launch the latest big cat-themed Mac OS X, version 10.8: Mountain Lion. EST Thursday, the developer preview version of Mountain Lion was live and available to Apple's legions of app makers.Download (Direct JAR): Source: https://github.com/The Dgtl/i Chat Support & Usage: f=2&t=4 Since I'm banned from the Bukkit forums for being against their forced changeover to Bukkit Dev and general attitude when it comes to administration, I figure I'll post this here :smile.gif: Hi.

(How much that will cost, we don't know; Apple isn't announcing a price yet, or a launch date more precise than "late summer.") But don't expect i OS to go hog-wild and bring its apps on board in future versions.

It introduced such i OS-like features as multitouch gestures on the trackpad and a "launchpad" of apps that looked just like the i Pad's home screen.

Some of us began to wonder, with some cause, whether Mac OS X and the i OS were heading for a marriage down the road.

I don't think that would be possible unless you had some sort of external plugin allowing you to do it.

Also it would be a good suggestion to be added to this plugin.

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