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The different types of paint have really played their part - the ceiling has a really beautiful flat finish, the semi gloss is making the doors pop, and the water-based enamel on the walls means everything's easy to clean.We also ended up taking the plunge with the Sakura in the bedroom…My builder told me this week they went through the same stage during their renovation but to just give it time and keep focused on the overall vision.I think its a great piece of advice.* Holding off the final coats of paint in the high traffic areas will mean we get a really crisp final product.So it has thrown us off a bit and we're going to go shopping to have a look at some alternatives.There are so many highs and lows when you build and the whole way through the process I've had a real sense of mixed emotions.

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The clip together, engineered flooring has really come up well and seems to be going down really quickly.Instead we've ended up with a grey trim, which the guys chose because it works with the tiles and it looks fine.Missing executing that finer detail is just a cost of me being on the road for two weeks.Despite the bathroom dilemma, everything else is progressing beautifully.The front of the house is all finished - the front door with the keyless entry is still definitely my favourite part at the moment.

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