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It’s the thought-police who are making a mistake; Philosophy is an intellectual ‘safe space’, where we should not be afraid to speak for fear of being wrong or causing offence, and where we should be graceful in accepting criticism and changing our minds if we are proven wrong.In fact we can take this even further: if we’re uncomfortable with Tuvel’s conclusion that considerations in favour of accepting transgender identities support accepting so-called ‘transracial’ identities, because we think we have good reason to accept the former but reject the latter, then surely what we need is more people working on this rather than less, to figure it all out.Doing so may help to overcome the epistemic limitations imposed by privilege; it might throw up considerations not readily accessible from the armchair.

ts=59066d20&edit_requested=true accessed 4th May 2017. I’ve heard a version of this criticism made many times by philosophers with activist commitments: we shouldn’t argue for such and so, even if it’s true, because of the possible political consequences of arguing for such and so.I’ve always found these kinds of worries to be exaggerated, because of the extremely low public readership of papers in Philosophy (not to mention that Hypatia papers, in the specific case at issue here, are not open access).So any moves to shutting down discussion and scaring people off working on the topic are mistakes, and harmful in their own right.But let’s take seriously the idea that there is no such distinction, that everything is at least potentially political.

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