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The new maps also use computer graphics rather than the handpainted style of earlier maps; many ASLers were sorry to see this development.

With regard to the particular maps in ASLSK1, they are nothing to write home about–the terrain is necessarily limited, to keep the rules limited (later ASLSK maps are more varied).

At some point, that lieutenant must order his men into the road. Squad Leader became an instant hit and spawned a series of sequels.

In the 1980s, Avalon Hill took all the Squad Leader games, combined them, rewrote the rules, and added many new concepts to create ASL, the ultimate World War II wargame.

Condensing the gist of the ASL infantry rules into just 12 pages of rules (and actually, much of that is illustrations and examples), ASLSK1 designer Ken Dunn distilled the essence of ASL into a small and elegant package.

Publishing the Starter Kit was probably the single smartest decision made by MMP in its years of stewardship of ASL; the Starter Kit has been reprinted a number of times in the years since 2004.

Alternative Titles/Edition History:1st Edition, 2004; 2nd Edition (10th Anniversary Edition), 2014 Publisher/Date: Multiman Publishing (2004)Product Type: ASL Starter Kit Module/Expansion Country of Origin: U. Commentary: In 2004, MMP debuted a new form of ASL, the ASL Starter Kit #1 (ASLSK1), designed to introduce new players to ASL and to get intimidated past purchasers of ASL to actually try the darn thing.

The ASLSK is perfectly designed for all these audiences.

A single countersheet provides squads, weapons, and leaders for American, German, and Russian troops.

Two geomorphic mapboards (meaning that they can be placed together in different configurations to recreate different situations) featuring urban and village terrain provide the battlegrounds.

When I was a boy growing up in West Texas, my parents took me to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, which boasts some of the largest, most spectacular caves in the United States.

When I approached the cave entrance, a relatively modest crack in the earth, I had no idea at all what a huge world waited on the other side. a world to which I returned repeatedly over the years.

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