Iowa state law mandating training and licensing

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A cheaper, easier route to a job in Iowa would be focusing only on a customer's ears.

Buy a study guide on the Internet, pass an online exam and obtain a state license to be a "hearing aid dispenser" instead.

They must only pass an online test administered at a testing center.

No hearing-related education or training is required for a license in Minnesota, Nebraska or South Dakota either, according to information gathered by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Though no training is needed to obtain a hearing aid dispenser license, a person with such a license must obtain 32 hours of continuing education before the person can renew the license two years later.

The person must also go through training to become a mandatory reporter for child and dependent abuse, but they are exempted if they are engaged in active military service. Also, why does an entire state board exist to oversee fewer than 350 hearing aid dispensers, about half of whom are state-licensed audiologists who are overseen by another licensing board?

Training for hearing aid dispensers varies Each state sets its own requirements for obtaining a hearing aid dispenser license.

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An improperly programmed hearing aid could permanently damage hearing, he said.Many hearing devices are not regulated by feds Over 35 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. However, there are numerous other devices that look like hearing aids but are not considered to be medical devices and, therefore, are not regulated by the government.Products with names like "hearing enhancer" and "sound amplifier" can be purchased by anyone online and may range from about to hundreds of dollars.Why doesn't Iowa allow only audiologists or other trained medical workers to test hearing and prescribe hearing aids?And then there are the other inexplicable quirks in Iowa law related to hearing aid dispensers.

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