Is britt nicole dating anyone

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Let's support artists like Britt Nicole who bring a positive message to our kids.

Anything by Britt Nicole is just amazing she is a tremendously awesome empowering inspirational Christian artists and I just pray she continues to do what she does that great album definitely a good purchase for teenagers and anyone of any age at that she's amazing This was a present for my teen girl - she'd been asking for this CD for a while.

The music is really encouraging and the cd sounds amazing.

She listens to it a lot especially when doing chores or simply cleaning the room.

This album was a collection of older and newer songs.Whether delivering a soulful ballad or a beat-soaked dance track, Britt strikes a stunning balance between vulnerability and self-assurance all throughout 'Gold'.Not only evidence of her gift for crafting intensely relatable lyrics, that emotional complexity is a testament to her strength and honesty as a songwriter. 'It's always great to see them connect with other people who need to be reminded that worth doesn't come from having all the right things or from success it's about being who you are.' Love this artist! Lyrics state "whatever you've been told, you're worth more than gold".Some of the songs felt like had more meaning and took longer to write while some felt like they were "filler" songs.Look Like Love was my favorite and most songs convicted me which was a great experience.

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