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It’s one kind of fear or another that drives most of these men to emulate the lifers or old cons. We are aware always that although we are living in this hostile world for a while, it is not forever. They stab another prisoner or kill one, so they will get more time.

They see that these men have survived many years in a dangerous world. Too weak to stand on their own, they give their own identity up in favor of the convict code. Some of us are well-centered in who we are, even though we may be far from perfect. We will one day return to the world we’ve always known, and we seek to remain someone who can be reinserted into that world. The people who spend their imprisonment perfecting their convictness finally reach that place where they approach their release or parole date. They don’t think they will fit in in the outside world. They have convict hairstyles including mustache and beard styles indicative of incarceration. They assault guards or get caught with drugs, whatever it takes to receive a new sentence or violate their parole or lose accumulated statutory good time so they can remain in prison.

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I really perpetrated a horrible hoax on myself this time. I thought I was using just as decadent Western society condoned.

Prisoners are less likely to construct a chain of thoughts related to their spouse’s loyalty, or to the many things which they’re missing out on.

People do “hard time” when they keep projecting their thoughts “out there” beyond the prison perimeter.

They will have tattoos, muscles, proper clothing styles, proper speech, proper outlook.

They will “fit in.” Whereas prison was once threatening to them, they are now clones of those who most intimidated them in the beginning.

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