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Does not mean that they themselves are negative, far from it actually, their optimism is what gets them stuck with the most vile.

He knows what he's got is negative, but there is not much room left for disappointment, which gives him predictability.

So I dont feel theres too many illusions about that.

But I will say that the Jackson image, IMO, is not what it seems. In many forums, shes referred to as Golddigger Fail.

I do agree that a false image of their relationship is being portrayed. For the fans in the know, I doubt they're jealous of Breana.

The fans are paying for an image, services, what have you & this is what entertainers have chose to do for a living.You can also choose not to support $$$ ppl who you feel disrespect you.While some ppl are trying to show off, what they fail to consider is that they may be biting the hands that feed them.You also have to set boundaries too; someone elses misery that they choose to stay in does not have to become [email protected] Getting Privacy: IMO, theres nothing wrong w/admiring celebs, etc. A person should have their own life & work to make any improvements needed.

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    She says, “Legit, I have been in the gym every day this week because I am not willing to give up my food. Nor is she the woman who has been described as badass, shocking, naughty, tough—pictured in tabloids and online with various rumored rapper/actor/athlete boyfriends.