Itemupdating event

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We’ll develop a list item event receiver for Item Added and Item Updated events.When a new item will be added it’s easy to identify item status and if the status is pending then we can send notification to all people in the approving team.Item Updating is synchronous while Item Updated can be set to asynch or synchronous, hence you could write something into the list item properties in Item Updating (do a System Update) and later get that item properties again. I thought everything happened in the code and you were just kind of creating a temporary item and assigning it a temporary property value so you could use it across events.I understand you need to add a field to your list and you utilize it for storage of data that is usable across events.).//the list item you want to update (typically SPItem Event Properties.List Item in an event receiver SPList Item special Item = list. Properties["some_persisted_key"] = "Some Value here"; special Item.System Update(false); Where would you declare the special Item?

For instance in this demo we are assuming a hypothetical business requirement demanding “”.

In Share Point 2010 new improvements are made for better event receiving management.

Few new event handlers are added for site, web, list, listitems etc.

The best solution would be if Share Point team would provide us with out-of-box events for content approval. The events might be : Content Approving Status Changing and Content Approving Status Changed and the event argument’s After Properties and Before Properties values could be filled with the the old value and new value of Content Approving Status field value.

However, one may argue that Item Added/Item Update events are similar like Content Approval events. maybe there’s complexities with the new content approval events and Share Point team has not added the new content approval events.

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