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Even though she refused to acknowledge that I was owed any dates, she offered to give me two additional dates, which I refused, since the quality of the dates I had been given so far was not what they had promised me originally and I had no desire to put myself through any more of their "service".I will also add that the representative's attitude was aggressive and bullying, which has been my consistent experience with the way this company handles complaints.

Product_Or_Service: matchmaking services Account_Number: ********Desired Settlement I'd like a prorated refund for the two dates that were promised, but not provided. One was so inappropriate that the dating representative promised to add an additional date to my service, so I am still owed two.

Complaint I am entirely dissatisfied with the quality of the contracted services, and feel I was misled by the salesperson. I signed a 6-month agreement with this company on 3/10/16 for matchmaking services, and ultimately canceled payment 3 weeks later when I realized that it was not worth the ,800 had I paid.

Not only did the salesperson (*****) employ deceptive sales practices, but I was extremely dissatisfied with the overall pace and quality of service that I thought I had signed up for.

They do not have a large enough dating pool here in Reno, so they have matched me with men who do not have the attributes that I told them were important to me.

It was sold to me as a customized matchmaking service, but it has turned out to be anything but.

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