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Carroll has cultivated a following of serial killer proteges from the comfort of his prison cell, and it’s Hardy’s job to work with Carroll to catch them.A legendary film actor, Kevin Bacon was the subject of a fan game called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” which proved nobody is more than six connections away from working with Bacon.It sounds kind of cool, and it shows just how disinterested I am in that side of the world. All period dramas, and I always seemed to have a sword in my hand.Purefoy’s contracts, at one time, always contained a stipulation that he could keep his character’s sword at the end of filming.Leonard, played by Purefoy’s real-life friend Michael Kenneth Williams – of The Wire fame – is a gay, African American Navy Seal veteran. It’s quite a culture clash, and yet we’re able to find quite a lot of common ground between each other and how we see the world.‘I really enjoy his company,’ says Purefoy of his co-star. ‘I hope men, especially, will recognise the relationship.But in terms of my work, I’ll go anyplace.”He added, “Still, in my personal life, I feel my responsibility as a human being is to do the right thing by my fellow man, to take care of my children and raise honest and gentle and compassionate human beings, and to help them create their own ideas about what we feel is the difference between right and wrong. What I want to do is go home and hug my kids, talk to them and engage with them.”In movies like , Bacon plays killers or child abusers, so he could surely have nailed the Joe Carroll role, too. “So I thought to myself, I have to make him lighter and more alive in the past, in some sort of a way.

‘The quality of the writing is just sublime,’ Purefoy enthuses. Where I grew up, in the West Country, people I saw everyday would be very much like Hap and Leonard – good men trying to find get rich quick schemes and scams.Set in 1987, Hap and Leonard tells the story of a pair of blue-collar best friends.Hap, played by Purefoy, is a labourer who was once jailed for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War.The star of films like , Bacon is used to intense material.“As you know, I’ve gone to a lot of dark places in my professional work and I’m not afraid of that,” Bacon told Dish during the TCA Winter Press Tour in Pasadena recently. What have I been doing for the 10 years in between when I put him in jail and now? I’m the guy that thinks about Ryan Hardy, and who he is and who he could be.

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