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Carmella Decesare, wife of Buccaneers quarterback Jeff Garcia, was ruled the sexiest wife in sports in Co-Ed Magazine's ranking of the 20 Sexiest Athlete Wives.

Except Co-Ed didn't so much rank them as much as they listed them arbitrarily without any justification. You'll get fired for sure if your boss sees you looking at a little bit of cleavage.

Basically, it's as lazily compiled and ridiculous as any argument on Slate, but at least Co-Ed got rid of the annoying words and put a decent amount of effort into creating sexy galleries of the ladies, which is really all I'm asking for anyway.

The former 49ers star reminds himself how hard it was to play the position and how much resilience it took to bounce back from a poor performance. “Maybe there’s just not the ability of the current quarterback to be that guy.

And somehow "girlfriends" and "ex-wives" now also count as wives. Assuming your boss is Julian Thundercock at the Manhole, and you swore you were gay when you interviewed for the job.

And they also think Rony Seikaly's ex-wife Elsa Benitez is Vanessa Bryant.

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Latino comic Jeff Garcia aims to give you your money's worth with his signature shows in this special from 2008.Nasty phone calls and threatening voice mails followed and culminated in a confrontation Aug. Name-calling ensued, and a friend of Hine’s dumped a drink on De Cesare. Hine accused De Cesare of grabbing a dance pole and kicking her in the head.De Cesare told the judge that she was dancing on a table when one of Hine’s friends started “coming at me full-force, swinging like a guy.” She said she kicked the woman in self-defense but denied kicking Hine.I don’t know,” Garcia said in an expansive phone interview this week.“I believed going into the season that (Hoyer) could hold down the fort until they either drafted someone or signed a big-time free agent.

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