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-Bill Mc Kibben, author of is a beautiful, soulful, crucial book.

Fundamentally, it is a description of humanity's collective genius, and the unstoppable movement to reimagine our relationship to the environment and one another. It describes the growing unrest that I encounter around the world, the frustration and courage of those who dare to challenge the power of the political corporate world.and is emerging to be an extraordinary and creative expression of people's needs worldwide.explores the diversity of the movement, its brilliant ideas, innovative strategies, and hidden history, which date back many centuries.Paul Hawken chronicles and testifies on behalf of this "movement with no name" with his charismatic intelligence and insight. I believe Hawken when he says we are part of the Earth's immune system each time we exercise our active compassion in the name of social justice and ecological health. His narrative flows from a harrowing litany of "free market" abuses and desecrations to the countless life-saving actions and organizations that now envelope the earth in response. Every compassion-driven soul who reads it will be stunned by the scope and power of the movement we've inadvertently formed.When, inevitably, my daughters someday feels their hearts broken by the wounded world they have inherited, I will be handing them this and a precious few other books.

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